Casinos Patterns

Casinos Patterns

Casinos – Randomness and Hidden Patterns

Most casino games are based on chance and both online and live casinos make extensive use of random number generators but what do we mean by random?

Take tossing a coin and recording the results, or rolling a dice or spinning a roulette wheel. As there are no apparent patterns we assume the processes to be random. But are they really random or are we simply missing something? After all, things that were once thought random, such as the weather, are now known not to be. Also statistical patterns do occur in random events and chaos theory has demonstrated that order is not the direct opposite of chaos.

If what happens next, say the next flip of the coin or spin of the wheel, is completely independent of what happened previously, then that is a random system. For example, even if there have been twenty successive reds, the chances of the next spin being red or black are the same.

If a system is not independent and random as described above it is known as ordered, for instance the rise and fall of the tides.

Roulette Casino

Over time when tossing a coin there is an equal frequency of heads and tails. The probability is 1/2. This is described by the law of large numbers and the reason why the numbers of heads and tails tends to even out over time is simply due to the large number of times it has been tossed.

But if the coin has no memory, how does it know that it should obey the law of averages? In fact neither a coin nor a roulette wheel is a random system. The coin is a disc that when tossed obeys the usual physical laws of motion so in theory if all these could be measured it should be possible to predict the outcome.

In principal you can, but in fact the smallest change in rewards casino, the breath of the wind, the amount of perspiration on the finger, all affect the trajectory of the coin in a large and unpredictable way.

However, roulette has been beaten by numerous people using mathematical analysis. Although it is not possible to predict the precise final position of the ball, it is possible to compute which sector of the wheel it will end up in which has proven enough to make some people very rich indeed.

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Cover the Numbers on Online Bingo

Just as in regular bingo, when a number is called on online bingo, you cover it and if you are able to cover all the required numbers on your card before any others in the room, you win. These patterns generally fall as one line, two lines and a whole card, but depending on the type of bingo you are playing, they can very – lots of bingo sites use seasonal variations like tree patterns at Christmas or bunny patterns at Easter.

Bingo started with humble beginnings in Italy around 1530 as a kind of weekly lottery but by 1778 the game had started to spread through France and into the rest of Europe. It was taken to America by travelling carnivals and it was there that its real popularity started to grow. Although a church in Atlanta tried to introduce the game as a kind of fundraiser, there were far too few different variations of cards to make it truly viable and so a Columbia University Professor was charged with creating a far wider selection of cards. Although he reputedly was able to create an extra couple of thousand variations, it is now thought that there in existence today as many as over 1.4 million.

With the creation of these extra cards, bingo became popular and was played in church halls and community centers across the country, with reportedly the largest game being played by a group of churches, who managed to have 60,000 people playing. The popularity of the game never dwindled and today, with the introduction of online bingo, that popularity is soaring.

There are now several internet sites that host the playing of online bingo and many of these sites may offer free games to members (we recommend to play Free bingo . Once you join the site, you will be offered several options on how or with whom you play the game. First you will be offered a speed that you would like to play at, normal or fast and then you will be offered different rooms that you can play in. These rooms are often themed and as it is possible to chat with other players in the room, you may wish to select a room that suites your interests or at least your mood. Once in the room, you will be offered how many cards you would like to play on each game, usually options of one, three or six and whilst making this decision remember that, although the more cards that you play, the better your chances of winning may become, that rule only applies if you are playing a number that you can effectively cope with. If you’d like to play with lots of different cards, make sure your site offers an ‘automark’ or ‘autodaub’ function so you can concentrate on other things while your card is marked by the computer.