Football Passing

Football Passing

Small sided football coaching game to develop passing with purpose

This small-sided football coaching game is a great way to get your players passing with purpose when they’re under pressure. Clever, disguised passing makes all the difference in this game as teams stop the opposition from scoring points.

Give your players permission to do what they want to create space and make good passes. Tell them they must be constantly on the move to pass and receive the ball.

How to play football drill

  • Set up a 4v4 game with two target players at either end.
  • Use the 18-yard area or half of a seven-a-side pitch and cone off the two ends.
  • Tell your players each team must get the ball and score “goals” by successfully passing to either of the target players.

How to coach the football drill

  • Tell your players they need to be quick and sharp. They must win the ball by intercepting it or by tackling for it.
  • Instruct them to practise moving to and from the ball to create space.
  • Once the ball has reached the target player, the team can keep possession by moving so the target player can pass it back to them.
  • Instruct your players to switch the ball to the opposite target player as quickly as possible.

How to change the drill

Tell teams they pass the ball from one target player to the other without the other team touching the ball. If the other team gets a touch, it goes back to the target player and the other team receives the ball from the target man.

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