Play Keno Online

Keno is a popular game found at Casino Midas. It is a lottery style game that offers the chance to win large payouts off small bets. The game is completely random which appeals to many players as every player has an equal chance of winning. Is it possible to bet between 0.01 and 10.00 credits per game. This allows casino bets fans with a range of bankrolls to enjoy their chances of winning Keno game.

Keno can be dated back 3,000 years to the Han Dynasty in China. The game was developed by the ruler, Cheung Leung, as a way to try to raise funds to cover his war expenses. The game is based on the popular Chinese poem, “The Thousand Character Classic”. Cheung took 120 of the 1,000 symbols used in the poem to create his game. This number was later cut to 90 and then 80 Sports symbols. Chinese workers, who moved to the US to work on the railroads in the mid-1800s, brought the game with them. The symbols were changed to numbers to make it more attractive to American players. The game was considered a type of lottery which would have made it illegal in the US; however the name of game changed to “racehorse keno” with the numbers representing horses and as an off-track racing game, this was allowed. The status of the game changed again when keno became legal, but off-track betting began to be taxed and the name of the game reverted back to “keno.” To this day, a draw in the game is often referred to as a race. In the online gaming Football Bets And Tips, this ancient game has been transformed in one of the most appreciated entertaining options of all times.

Play Keno Online

Almost all online casinos now offer the game and it has become popular to play keno online also from mobile devices. The game is fast-paced and straightforward with simple rules. Unlike in land-based keno, you don’t need to go and have your keno ticket checked when you win a game in online keno and your winnings are automatically paid to you. Moreover, with the no download version available at Casino Midas, the acces to the game is even easier and more immediate.

How to Play Keno?

The aim of the game is to bet on the numbers that will randomly be drawn. The computer will draw 20 numbers out of a possible 80 and these will be compared to the numbers you selected. To begin a game you need to choose the size of your bet. Place a bet and then choose your numbers on your ticket. You can manually choose between 10 and 15 numbers or you can click on the Quick Pick option to have ten numbers automatically chosen for you. You can then choose to Play 1, Play 5 or Play 10 consecutive games with the numbers that have been selected. Understanding how to play keno is simple.

The pay table will be displayed on the screen next to your keno ticket. The payouts for winning increase significantly the more numbers correspond between the ones you chose and the ones that are randomly drawn. For example, the lowest number of paying corresponding numbers is 5 and will pay out 2 coins. One more number will pay out 25 times, while seven corresponding numbers will pay out 150 times. Ten corresponding numbers will pay out a whopping 100,000 times your bet!

Keno Strategy

As keno is a random game, there are no mathematical equations that can be generated to guarantee a win for you. That being said, there are some tips that are worthwhile to follow to help reduce your losses. Understand the odds of the game and the various numbers that can be bet on. Make sure to set a bankroll limit for yourself, as well as a loss limit and stick to it. Many people like to choose their numbers using a specific strategy. While the truth is that the odds remain the same regardless of the numbers you choose, if this helps you manage your bankroll and keep in control of the game, it is a good idea.

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