Magic 7

Magic 7

The Magic of Magic 7’s Scratch Card

Magic 7’s is one of the most popular casino games simply because it gives you 10 chances to win. These winning odds are far more impressive than most of the other options give you, Scratch Card or otherwise. That, on top of the fast-paced, exciting, and simple gameplay makes this one worth a try, and may make it one of your new favourites!

The Highest Rewards with Magic 7’s

Playing scratch cards and in particular Magic 7’s is very easy. Using the up and down arrows, set your bet to a denomination you are comfortable with. Either way, you are still given 10 chances to win, but you stand to win multipliers, so the amount you bet is proportionate to the amount you can win. A x1 multiplier wins you your wager back, and a 4000x multiplier wins you the fixed jackpot. You can also win free games no matter how much you bet. This will allow you to play another card with the same bet, but the bet isn’t taken out of your credits, and the winning potential remains the same. Also completely independent of your bet, you can win the Progressive Jackpot at any moment. This ever increasing number is given to a random player, and that player could be you! When your bet is set, you can press the play button, covering the board with scratchable Magic 7’s logos.

You can press each logo to uncover the number and the prize underneath them. The hope is that you will reveal the number seven, winning you the prize shown, or a magic hat, which doubles the multiplier. Each number has its own prize, and since there are 10 different scratch areas, you don’t just have ten chances to win, you have the chance to win up to ten times with one card. The total winnings are added together and then to your credit total so that you can keep playing this one or give some of our other Scratch Card variations a try. You can also test out this and other games available at our lobby free demo credits, so that when you put your own money on the line, you can approach it with more confidence.

Magic 7’s can be your magic ticket to instantly win big. Casino Midas wants its players to have as many options as possible to fit as many tastes as possible, this one being one of the additions to our lobby that keeps players coming back.