Myth About Gaming

Myth About Gaming

Dispelling the Myth That Online Games are Cheap

Online gaming, in its various forms, is one of the most popular pastimes around the world. While many list sport, music or reading as their favourite hobbies and ways to pass the spare time they have outside school or the workplace; others enjoy their time playing various games on the numerous platforms and machines out there specifically designed with gaming – and the different types of gamers – in mind.

When you think about online gaming, whether it’s the role-playing games like the globally popular World of Warcraft series, sports titles that connect to the web through either the PlayStation Network or XBox Live like FIFA 15 or just a simple game of online bingo; the people who enjoy playing the titles on the web get funny looks.


To those outside the gaming world, playing games on your computer is something you are supposed to grow out of when you reach the age of around 16 and you only play them after that point when you have friends round – like playing FIFA in your front room with a group of mates. For those in it, however, it’s used for a completely different purpose – showcasing their skills, having fun and escaping from reality for a few hours.

Gamers are often stereotyped, particularly unfairly I need to add, for being the people who wear black hoodies and sit in their bedrooms or converted attics playing games until the small hours while surrounded by empty energy drink cans and crisp packets.

In actual fact these players are highly skilled and highly intelligent people in the most part with full-time jobs and they just look to escape from the ‘real world’ of work for a while. Or, they are people who have learned how to play the games and are always learning – because the best part about online games is that they can always be updated, unlike the bought console discs.

However, online games are often perceived as being of a very poor quality and at a much lower price than console games. Sure there are plenty of free titles out there to play and they have no price tag because they are an incentive to get people playing the games online and, hopefully, buying the extensions or subscriptions to allow them to play on.

Types of Gaming

Due to the games often being played on PCs, they are viewed by those who don’t play them as being poorly built with low quality graphics and the pixelated screens and characters that became famous in gaming during the 1980s and 1980s when titles like Pac Man ruled. This means that people take a look at the number of free titles compared to the price of console gaming and see online games as the unwanted versions and those who play them need to get with the times.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. World of Warcraft and online bingo, both of which were mentioned earlier, are among the most popular forms of gaming the world over with millions playing on a DAILY basis. Sure, the games are less expensive to play than console games (which are ludicrously expensive these days pricing many out of gaming), but they have every bit as much quality and more interaction with players able to communicate through webcams, microphones and live chat features which make for a far more realistic experience if anything.

What’s more, those playing games like bingo can actually win huge sums of money just by taking part. You open up an account, play for as little or as long a time as you like or can and during that period you have the potential to win hundreds, even thousands. You don’t get that with your £50+ console games!